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Tony Dance N' Fitness

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Website New Design

Heartland Farms Web Design by UX Aglow

About Tony Dance N' Fitness

Tony, the owner of Tony Dance & Fitness is based in New York. Growing up in Lima, OH, Tony grew up loving music, theatre, and dance. He later began teaching ballroom and Latin dance along with partnered theatrical work. Tony offers dance and fitness classes. He wants people to have fun and no commitment is needed.


Coming to us, Tony was unsure of what his business name should be. He originally named it “Worldhouse Fitness”. He told me that his intention was to have a combination of dance and fitness. His salsa classes were getting a lot of attention and he wanted to make sure that was being featured. Tony did not have any high-resolution photos. He also wasn’t sure what should be on his website.

Scope: Building brand identity and determining business model through website design.


The New Site

Combining the color themes and his social media promotional material, I put this website together quite naturally. The animations worked well with his short and catchy phrases. The shapes made it fun and the content did not feel short.

When I showed Tony this website, his reaction was phenomenal. He screamed in excitement and thanked me for my creativity and for crafting him a website he loves.

Client Feedback

Tony Guidera: Wow, this is so good!!! The animations are so good, I love the color, love the photos you chose! Love the vibe! I love everything you did! This is amazing, Gloria!!!!

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