Who's There?! 

Hi, I'm Gloria

CEO: A UX designer with Front-end Web Dev expertise

Languages: Chinese & English

Gloria jumped out of a plane from China when she was 19 and landed in Seattle. Ok, she took a little jump out of the door of the plane after it parked but it still counts. She mastered English and earned 3 design degrees (1 would have been enough). Always ready to take on new challenges, she moved across the country to Cleveland, OH with her husband and is currently training him on how to operate an Amazon Echo, which seems to actually hate him. You’ll meet Gloria during the design process where she will set the tone for your online presence and answer all your technical questions.

digital artist / yogi / DIY projects / design freak / a little OCD / daredevil / random dog petter / Karaoke / IKEA assembly

Hi, I'm Jerry

Co-Founder: Director of Finance, Marketing & Sales

Languages: English and Duolingo + Level 1 Mandarin

Jerry is adventurous seeing he quit his stable job to become a jack of all trades for a web design company started by his wife. Although he’s not ready to jump out of a plane just yet he clearly takes risks. Right now he’s working on how to type using more than two fingers.

hiking / taking photos / criticizing movies / all things Star Trek

Jerry MacGillis square.jpg

Hi, I'm Andria

Web & Graphic Designer

Languages: English, a little Spanish and a some baby (has 2 kids)

Andria is a mover and a shaker. Literally. She loves to dance! Also, she might be seen at a hula hoop convention from time to time, completely nailing it on hoop tosses and catching them seamlessly. In the design world, she will take your inspiration and dance the night away with it. You’ll meet Andria when you have graphic design projects to discuss and she’ll put her Associate of the Arts in Fashion Design degree to good use. Fashion you say?! Well, that is another story… about how Gloria met Andria.

logo & brand designer / road biker / fashioner / car dance parties / minor detail noticer / baby MAMA


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