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Hi, We are Glow Up

We design with your success in mind.

When I was a kid, I had an obsession to always try and figure out how things work and if I can make things work more efficiently. Growing up, I was searching for a purpose. I wanted to make an impact on whatever I’ll be doing for a living. From north to south of China, west to east of America, I had switched my major 4 times to finally be able to say, the purpose of my life is to glow up your online presence. 

Dear business owner, you are here because you had found your purpose just like me. We both love what we do and we want to do it the best we can in our industry. Your passion is my fuel, and I hope to be yours. So let's make a difference with intentional designs and tailored solutions to your website, marketing and even graphic design. 

Together, we can make magic happen. Let’s make your dream come true, so mine gets closer. One dream at a time, my dream is your success. 

Our Work

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One Dream at a time

What Makes Us Different

Why Glow Up with Us?

We stay true to our value

We believe in providing the best solution, not just what you ask for. Our process might feel unfamiliar and take more time and effort, but it has consistently earned us trust and appreciation, delivering better results in the long run.

We've got resources & connections

We partner with some of the most amazing agencies, each functions as a small network of business owners. Collaborations built our businesses. We enjoy having the opportunity to facilitate powerful and rewarding connections.

We're not tied to a single niche

Our curiosity gets us so excited to learn about your business! To make strategic decisions, we put ourselves in the shoes of your target audience. Creating an intuitive and memorable experience ensures our work isn’t just beautiful, it also increases conversions.

We are always learning

We believe that true experts don't get comfortable and never stop learning. For us, staying updated and finding faster, better solutions is part of the fun. This keeps us ahead of the curve and ready to tackle new challenges.

We are a bunch of passionate nerds

We only work with people who love what they do. It might sound cliché, but there's no better way to describe it. We take pride in being part of our clients' success stories. Best part? We get to brag about you!

AI is our pal, but not a replacement

We use AI to help with research and content creation, but it’s not a substitute for human creativity. AI helps us stay efficient, but human input ensures everything we produce is top-notch, high quality and keeps customers coming back.

What are we strong at?

Business Card Design


We design Logos and provide style guides

Web Design

We create beautifully designed intuitive interfaces

Web Graphics

We manage social media, email marketing & SEO

Web/UX Design


What do people say?

Gloria, you not only outdid yourself, you exceeded all expectations. You are authentic, well versed, industrious, and painstaking loyal to your customers. This was a difficult project and your vision was perfect. You always made me feel so valued and because of that I am grateful everyday that our paths came together. I feel so fortunate to have had the jewel as the principal on this project. I am forever grateful.

Susan Donohoe, Kozie Clothes

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733 Continental Drive, Medina, OH, USA


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